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As people age, the results of their choices throughout life become most apparent. If you find that you are beginning to feel the effects of your age regarding health-related issues, it is never too late to make changes. If you are younger, you may not yet notice the effects of your health choices. However, the younger in life you make the choice to improve your health, the better your life will be in the future.

Dietary changes are easier to make than people tend to think. For example, it only takes three weeks on a new diet to get used to it. After a few months you will probably conclude that you like even the flavor, not to mention the health benefits of the new food better than you ever thought you liked the old food!

Learn what God has to say about diet and nutrition. As the end of this world approaches, God wants to prepare a people for His new universal kingdom. He wants you! Find out how you can allow God to prepare you for the times to come.