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Welcome to our treatments page. We hope you will find some healthful procedures that benefit you for years to come. All treatments are procedures that we use ourselves and have found to be beneficial for our own personal use. If any of these can benefit you, praise the Lord. Remember it is God who is the healer and the only One who can give these treatments the efficiency they need to accomplish His purposes for you. That, dear friend is our prayer for you.

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Copyright Issues
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There are no specific expressed copyrights on any of these treatments. Pastor Wieland expressed to me in person, generically, that his works can be copied and disseminated, but do not change them. With this in mind, this will be the rules of copyright for all the treatments found on this website:

1.They can be copied and disseminated as is, but not sold.
2.If quoted or excerpted, such excerpting must be done true to the context and not made to say something they do not say.
3.Please give proper attribution. Contributors are listed on the treatment plans.


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Treatment #1

Are you aware that the most effective health treatment in the world is the simple brisk walk in the sun? From this simple activity you receive three blessings in one: exercise, sunshine and fresh air —all in the proper quantities. Learn to perform simple home remedies that can make life easier for you and improve your health as well. These general treatments will allow your body to reach the optimal health for you —physically, mentally and spiritually. The old adage “prevention is worth a pound of cure” is very, very, true. Let it be true for you!